Campuscrop career awareness workshop for schools is a specially designed program developed by leading career coaches in India. The career awareness workshops will help students to identify the career dreams, set the education milestones and derive the clear pathways to achieve them. The purpose of the workshop is to help students understand career development which will help them to grow and prosper in their lives.

Career Insight Session
Probing Questions, addressing myths and thought-provoking career insights by experts. Get Information about new-age careers.
Stimulus Session
Career Coaching programs to provide end-to-end career path, catering to the needs of everyone involved in the career decision-making process – parents, teachers, counselors, and the students themselves.
Career Development and Strategies
Motivational talk and interactive activities to enlighten students and imparting a sense of achievement.
Insights by Industry Experts
Helpful in setting the career goals, prioritization and derive step by step action plans for the next 10 years.
Learning Techniques
Identifying Individual learning preferences and optimization strategies to improve student’s learning ability.
Stress Management and Happiness
Managing strategies to handle exam-related stress, anxieties at school or home.

Career Planning Lab for Progressive Schools

Campuscrop Career Planning Lab is a unique career counselling tech driven platform for schools which comprises of the emerging & latest trends in the Indian and global education system. Our Technology driven AI platform along with the Expert Career coaches help students to set career goals, find out the most suitable career path and achieve their career milestones. Students can make informed career decisions based upon career assessment and information available in a single platform.

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