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The independent ‘go-to’ assistance for young people who want to know where they are going. We carry out personalized career counselling with 15-30-year olds through Online / one to one counselling’s

Explore You

1.Where are you leading?
2.What careers Suits You?
3. Plan Your Way Forward

We believe that every client ...

  • Has a unique contribution to make
  • Can benefit from finding out a little more about him/herself
  • Can take correct decisions, with all key information ‘on the table’
  • Can discover career paths that fit him/her well
  • Can develop a clear career focus
  • Can take greater charge of their lives and work
  • Will gain from career planning withcampuscrop coach
  • Is a unique human being
  • Is of value
  • Can ‘tell their story’
  • Has a life’s purpose
  • Can change
  • Make sound decisions
  • Can enjoy work
  • Observing
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Career Counselling Solutions

Career Assessments For Students

5 Dimensional highly accurate Career Assessment.

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Abroad Studies Counselling

End to End Abroad studies guidance and application process handling across 14+ Countries and 30,000 universities. Check your profile and college fitment

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Career Assessments for professionals

Get 32+ Comprehensive Career Report with the detailed execution plan.

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Career Library

Campuscrop is synonymous to Encyclopaedia for the career path. campuscrop do career exploration across175+ career paths.

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Check your career suitability

Check your career suitability across 3500+ Occupations in 30 minutes. Take an informed career decision. Get first-hand analysis.

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College Admission Predictors

Know your College Admission chances at the career path level across 150000 + Top colleges and 1100+ exams analysis for you.

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Young students consistently mention that our process is ‘fun’, ‘useful’, ‘makes you think’, ‘touch upon everything’ and ‘gives you a (career) direction’.

Their parents consistently mention that our system is ‘good value for money’, ‘complete’, ‘professional’ and has ‘excellent follow-up service and support’post counselling.







What makes us Unique?

Range of Career Assements
  • Career Assessment for Professionals
  • Career Assessment for Graduates
  • Engineering Stream Selector
  • Personality Assessment
  • Subjects selector Assessment
  • Career Assessment for 11th & 12th Students
  • Career Assessment after 8th, 9th and 10th Students
  • Multiple intelligence assessment for 5th -7th Class
  • Learning Style Assessment
  • Career Planning for IB (MYP)/IGCSE
  • Career Planning for IBDP/ A Level

5 Dimensional highly accurate Career Assessment. Get 30+ Comprehensive Career Report with the detailed execution plan.

Career Assessment

Career assessment is solution to assess your personality, interest and skills which will guide you to the most suitable career path.

Career Report

Career report is the essence of our platform. It provides you clarity about your strengths and helps you to find out the most suitable career path with the proper framework of the execution plan.

Student Dashboard

Campuscrop student dashboard is the amalgamation of knowledge depository and career exploration. It will assist you in choosing the right college along with admissions predictor and all-important dates

Career Counselling Near Me

In India, students prefer face to face career counselling.  Campuscrop has created India’s largest network of career coaches.

Career Library

A career library conveys that there are a lot of career options available for students and professionals. It helps you to understand about various career options available and make an informed decision

Check Career Suitability

Across 3000+ occupations in 30 minutes.

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Become Career Coach

In 3 weeks with complete support.

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Abroad Studies Counseling

Across 12+ countries and 30,000 universities.

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Students Resources

College predictor analyses with your target college and career library.

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