The Founders

Mahesh Naga

Founder & CEO

15 years of experience in BFSI, Education & EdTech Industries. ISB Startup Lab attendee. Rockstar performer in ING Vysya & ICICI Prudent Life Insurance. Serial entrepreneur. Founded India’s first high-end BFSI certification training Centre, Stratagem. Proud Son & Husband. Believer of “Work Hard, Party Harder”.

Harish Navuluru

Co-Founder & COO

20+ years of experience in IT, ITES, BFSI, Education & EdTech Industries. Top 100 HRs in India. Growth catalyst for Deloitte, i-Vantage, ADP & ArthaYantra. Proud Son & Husband. Pet Parent. Most loved Sibling. Keyboard Chef. Passionate Roadie. Beach & Mountain Lover. Wannabe Author.

Rashmi Busireddy

Co-Founder & Head, Psychology & Training

10+ years of experience. Alumnus of Deloitte. MBA with Finance & Marketing. M. Sc in Psychology. Consulting Stress Management Counsellor and Psychologist. Trainer. Certified Career Coach. Proud Daughter & Wife. Lazy mom to a super active child. Book Lover. Impulsive Shopper. Lately experimenting with Baking, Pilates, Ashtanga Yoga & Meditation. Believer of “Ikigai”